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Facebook Exporter for Aperture

November 25, 2010  —

I've wanted to recently upload some of my pictures to Facebook. However,there are several things I really dislike about Aperture's built-inFacebook syncing.

First, order is not preserved. I want pictures ordered in a predicableway. Often, by date. I have yet to figure out how Aperture chooses toexport, it seems to be quite random and is infuriating.

Second, tagging friends on Facebook from the built-in Aperture Faces is spotty, at best. Sometimes it works, and other times I get lots ofpictures with people's names tagged, but those names are not linked tothe proper Facebook friends, despite being tagged with the exact samename. Again infuriating!

Third, making any change in Aperture (adding a tag, etc), causes thephoto to be re-uploaded to Facebook, creating an updated photo albumfeed story. I don't want this behavior. I want to export my photos toFacebook and then choose when it should be updated again. I'll let you guess my emotion.

After finding no other solutions, I wrote my own Facebook exporter

So, what other options are there out there? Well, thisguy Sean Farley created a plugin. However, it is broken on my computer. Supposedly, it does work for some people on Aperture 3, but Icannot get it to even show up in the Export menu and I get no Consolemessages. I've even emailed Sean twice trying to contact him and help figureout why it is broken. No response.

Finally, I've given up with these options. I'm not a prolific Facebookphoto uploader, but there are times when I want to put up pictureson Facebook instead of Flickr. And I couldn't do it withoutexporting the photos from Aperture to my disk, and then using Facebook's photo upload.

So over the past couple weeks, I spent some time creating my own exportplugin for Aperture. I don't want to completely support this project(beyond having it work for me), and so I decided to release it on github for the benefit of the community. My goalis that someone else will find the code and project useful. There arecurrently several limitations (documented on github) and I'm surethere are bugs, but I've got the project to a stable enough point where I can upload photos to Facebook and am happy with where I've gotten it.Check out the github page for more information on getting the pluginand using it.