This is the personal site (blog, wasted webspace, etc) of Chris Streeter. This site is mostly a place where I can dabble in new technologies (i.e., waste personal time on my computer) on the web, store information related to my travels and keep a public archive of my pictures.

I took all the pictures used in the header of this site. The pictures are from around the world taken on my travels as well as right at home. To see them all, click around the site.


You can contact me via email by taking chrisstreeter.com, prepending an @, and then adding whatever you want before the @. For example, contact works pretty well.

You can also use my PGP key to contact me. That key is available by looking up on the public keyserver, or by getting the key from my post about the key.

Additional Information

In addition to the information on this site, I've got a presence on a number of other communities representing different areas of my life:


Spanning the 20ish years of my life, I've lived in a variety of places... in California. These places have ranged from the O.C., the great gun shaped Nevada County, the home of the Blue and Gold (and the hippies), Santa Barbara to the Heart of Darkness, aka Palo Alto.

After graduating from high school in the early part of this century, I packed up my things and set out for the great unknown, college. Four years later, I graduated the greatest public university there is, UC Berkeley. My primary course of study, after several changes, was the field of Computer Science. After Cal, I embarked on a Europe trip, and, upon returning, I entered the (full time) working class for several years.

Since starting work, I've been putting stamps on my passport and, to quote a friend, "adding inordinate amounts of value through utterly unremarkable activities" at a couple jobs. But that changed in 2010 when I decided to reflect and then, ultimately, pursue a venture I believe will change the world.


Some of my interests in a concise bullet-pointed form:

Random Facts

There were a couple other stops in there, as I actually started in Sacramento, CA (SMF), finished in Santa Barbara, CA (SBA), made a mid-trip detour to Panjim, Goa, India (GOI) and also visited Kaluga in Russia. But you get the idea.