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Looking Back on 2013

December 31, 2013 —

I started a tradition in 2010 and 2012 that I am just barely keeping alive (posting on NYE 2013!). Just like last time, I emailed out the write-up to people I've got email addresses for. So if you aren't on that list, you can check out the update on my 2013 in Retrospect page.

A lot definitely happened in 2013, and the update is, once again, lengthy. But it should read quickly and give a pretty good overview.

You can keep up with me next year here on my site, through Facebook, Twitter or through my photos on Flickr or Instagram. Hope your 2013 was a good one and all the best next year.


September 01, 2013 —

Because of all the recent news issues around data security, I went ahead and created a PGP key. I'd read an article on Ars Technica a while back, and so it was a matter of creating the keys and being prepared to receive the email. Since me having created a public and private key does nothing, unless someone else has the public key, I decided to post the public key here, for people to use to send me email.

Thus, here's my PGP public key:

Version: SKS 1.1.3



June 24, 2013 —

On May 31st, I had a packed backpack, a passport, and a printed boarding pass, all ready to begin 3 flights and about 20 hours of traveling to arrive in my first Eastern Bloc country. I was heading to Budapest, Hungary. I arrived with my friend Dean, meeting my other friend Ben, to a city I knew nothing about. We'd chosen Budapest because it was close to Istanbul, a city we were visiting after, and because I'd heard that Budapest was an interesting city, despite not knowing the details.

Budapest and It's Bridges Budapest and It's Bridges

Budapest turned out to really surprise me with its beauty and history. The city is located along a bend in the Danube, and is separated into the hilly Buda on the West side, and the flat Pest on the East. Because the river divides the city, there are tons of old bridges that cross the river. And each bridge has its own style and its own history.

Pest Buildings Pest Buildings

During WWII, a large portion of the biggest European cities were bombed, and many old buildings were destroyed. However, Budapest was largely left intact. The bridges were destroyed, and some buildings near the river were also bombed, but away from the river, there is still a ton of very old historic buildings. This made for really great walking as there were lots of great sights.

Would you like salami with your salami?read more

Heading to Istanbul and Budapest

May 27, 2013 —

In just a few days, I'm taking my first trip of 2013. I'm heading to Budapest, Hungary followed by Istanbul, Turkey. The Budapest part of the trip is going to be complete vacation, and I'm really looking forward to exploring the Hungarian capital.

After Hungary, I'll be heading to Istanbul for tourism and to attend the wedding of some friends. Istanbul has long been on my travel bucket-list, and while the rest of Turkey will go unexplored this trip, I should have plenty of time to see and do all that I want to in Istanbul. I'll just have to come back to see the rest of Turkey.

As I've never been to either country or city, I'm very open to suggestions on things to do, places to make sure I see, and of course, food that I have to eat. So speak up and let me know your thoughts!

The Streeters and Nelsons

December 26, 2012 —

At Christmas, the entire extended family got together to celebrate. While together, we took a group photo that had everyone included except my cousin Alex, who had to work.

Streeter and Nelson Families (minus Alex) Streeter and Nelson Families (minus Alex)

Good thing we left room for me to Photoshop her into the picture.

Streeter and Nelson Families (with Alex) Streeter and Nelson Families (with Alex)

Hong Kong

December 26, 2012 —

In October of this year, I traveled to Hong Kong and Nepal over a two and a half week period. From the US, there are no direct flights to Nepal; they all connect through other countries first. And from San Francisco, most connect through Hong Kong. When I saw that we'd have long layovers in Hong Kong, I decided that we should just make them into stopovers, of which I've had great success with before. In the end, I spent around 4 days in Hong Kong with my friend Wenzhe and my sister Amy. Since I've taken several trips to India and parts of Asia, I'd been to the Hong Kong airport on multiple occasions, but never did manage to step outside of the airport (or even customs for that matter). So I was excited to finally get to taste the food and see the skyscrapers I'd heard about.

Spicy Crab Spicy Crab

We poured over episodes of No Reservations, reviews on TripAdvisor and tons of other travel blogs and sites we came across. Our plan, arrive, check into our AirBnb place, and get some delicious food. We definitely accomplished that. We ate everything from Roasted Duck (basically Peking Duck, just in Hong Kong), to spicy crab, to a Michelin Star dim sum restaurant (I went back for seconds). We organized our days around what we wanted to eat and where we wanted to eat, then fit in places to see from there.

Fish Market Fish Market

A visit to Hong Kong is almost never complete without ...

read more

Looking Back on 2012

December 23, 2012 —

I started a tradition in 2010 that I promptly abandoned in 2011 because I was too busy. However, I'm back! I just finished a write-up of my 2012 adventures, work and activities. Just like last time, I emailed out the write-up to people I've got email addresses for. So if you aren't on that list, you can check out the update on my 2012 in Retrospect page.

As with last time, this turned out to be a lot longer than I had anticipated. But I'm not a concise writer, and a lot happened that I wanted to talk about! Hopefully the write-up isn't too terrible.

You can keep up with me next year here on my site, through Facebook, Twitter or through my photos on Flickr. Hope your 2012 was a good one and all the best next year.

Refreshed Design

December 04, 2012 —

I recently decided to switch to a static site framework instead of my old Wordpress-based homepage. Since Python is so awesome, I naturally chose Pelican as my static site generator of choice because it is written in Python. I also wanted something that would be easy to host elsewhere for free, like on Heroku. I'm tired of managing a personal server.

A few scripts later, and I had a site that looked just about the same as before, but was fully static. However, I decided to also take the opportunity to refresh the design, and bring it forward. I wanted to keep the dynamic header that's been part of my site for so long, but I didn't want to create custom rectangular photos like I did before. In addition, if I did the rectangular style photos, they wouldn't fit all the way across the width of the page, leaving whitespace on either side of them.

So I took a design cue from Kickstarter and created a grid of images that are automatically pulled from a Flickr tag on my account at compile time. I also added some other custom plugins to look for special Flickr markdown tags in my posts to automatically insert images. The result is a site that should load faster, be smaller, and should also be easier keep updated and experiment with. I still need to rewrite my travel page to fully port my previous homepage over, but that'll be work for another day as that code is really old, and really messy.

Family Photos

November 25, 2012 —

It's been a while since we last took any Streeter Family photos. So while together for Thanksgiving this year, I rounded us all up and took a hundred pictures. Then I picked out two that actually came out. See them below, along with one we took while at Lake Tahoe cutting down trees.

Streeter Family Streeter Family

Streeters on Lake Tahoe Streeters on Lake Tahoe

Streeter Family with Grady Streeter Family with Grady

Russian Ridge Sunrise

October 04, 2012 —

I haven't taken many pictures lately, and wanted to get back in the habit. This past Sunday, I woke up early and drove up to Russian Ridge Open Space for the sunrise. Here are a couple pictures from the trip.

Valley Sunrise Valley Sunrise

Bay Area Sunrise Bay Area Sunrise

Setting Moon Setting Moon