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15th Annual Tri For Real

September 21, 2008 —

This morning I did my second triathlon of 2008. It was the 15th Annual Tri For Real. This is the triathlon which the Tri for Fun series is supposed to prepare you for. The race was good, and I felt decently comfortable for the swim and bike. As usual, the bike seemed to be a weak spot, as a lot of people gained and passed me, after I did really well on the swim. For the run, my legs were really tired, and my right leg started getting almost tight. It wasn't a cramp, more that the area below the calf was just tight and sore.

I kept track of my splits and posted them here as a record for myself.

SplitDistanceTime (h:mm:ss.ms)Pace
Swim700m12:27.5528:37 min/mi
Swim to Bike Transition1:48.0
Bike19mi54:1221.03 mph
Bike to Run Transition1:01
Run4mi30:41.567:40 min/mi

Comparing these results to my results from the last Pleasanton tri, I can see that I swam only slightly slower, biked faster, and ran a bit slower. I am stoked about the results, as it shows I'm making progress. The run should have been faster, and by next time, I'll have worked out the tightness / cramp issue. Again, without any practice, my swim is pretty good. Unfortunately, this race didn't have a timing chip, so I won't be able to compare my split with those of others; I'd be interested to see how my splits match up with others. My transition times also got a lot better. Some of the things I tried this time definitely helped out it seems.

The next tri coming up that I'm thinking of is one in November that is on Treasure Island. They've got an Olympic length and a sprint length tri. I've got a couple weeks to decide which one to do before I sign up. Right now, I'm leaning towards the sprint tri as I'm not sure that I'll be able to do enough to prepare for a full length tri. So I'll have to see how it goes until I register.

Update: I got second in my age division. Of course, there were ony 8 people in that division. I did manage to get 72nd overall in the Men's division though.

Update 2: Pictures for the event are posted.